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Inertial drag on a sphere settling in a stratified fluid

  • R. Mehaddi (a1), F. Candelier (a2) and B. Mehlig (a3)

We compute the drag force on a sphere settling slowly in a quiescent, linearly stratified fluid. Stratification can significantly enhance the drag experienced by the settling particle. The magnitude of this effect depends on whether fluid-density transport around the settling particle is due to diffusion, to advection by the disturbance flow caused by the particle or due to both. It therefore matters how efficiently the fluid disturbance is convected away from the particle by fluid-inertial terms. When these terms dominate, the Oseen drag force must be recovered. We compute by perturbation theory how the Oseen drag is modified by diffusion and stratification. Our results are in good agreement with recent direct numerical simulation studies of the problem.

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