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Universality in statistics of Stokes flow over a no-slip wall with random roughness

  • Vladimir Parfenyev (a1) (a2), Sergey Belan (a3) and Vladimir Lebedev (a1) (a2)


Stochastic roughness is a widespread feature of natural surfaces and is an inherent byproduct of most fabrication techniques. In view of the rapid development of microfluidics, the important question is how this inevitable problem affects the low-Reynolds-number flows that are common for micro-devices. Moreover, one could potentially turn the flaw into a virtue and control the flow properties by means of specially ‘tuned’ random roughness. In this paper we investigate theoretically the statistics of fluctuations in fluid velocity produced by the waviness irregularities at the surface of a no-slip wall. Particular emphasis is laid on the issue of the universality of our findings.


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Universality in statistics of Stokes flow over a no-slip wall with random roughness

  • Vladimir Parfenyev (a1) (a2), Sergey Belan (a3) and Vladimir Lebedev (a1) (a2)


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