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Upstream-travelling acoustic jet modes as a closure mechanism for screech

  • Daniel Edgington-Mitchell (a1), Vincent Jaunet (a2), Peter Jordan (a2), Aaron Towne (a3), Julio Soria (a1) and Damon Honnery (a1)...

Experimental evidence is provided to demonstrate that the upstream-travelling waves in two jets screeching in the A1 and A2 modes are not free-stream acoustic waves, but rather waves with support within the jet. Proper orthogonal decomposition is used to educe the coherent fluctuations associated with jet screech from a set of randomly sampled velocity fields. A streamwise Fourier transform is then used to isolate components with positive and negative phase speeds. The component with negative phase speed is shown, by comparison with a vortex-sheet model, to resemble the upstream-travelling jet wave first studied by Tam & Hu (J. Fluid Mech., vol. 201, 1989, pp. 447–483). It is further demonstrated that screech tones are only observed over the frequency range where this upstream-travelling wave is propagative.

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Edgington-Mitchell Supplementary Movie 1
Phase reconstruction of screeching jet at NPR = 2.10 decomposed into components with positive and negative phase velocity.

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Supplementary materials

Edgington-Mitchell Supplementary Movie 2
Phase reconstruction of screeching jet at NPR = 2.25 decomposed into components with positive and negative phase velocity.

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