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The Batchelor Prize
Prize logo 2020

We would like to invite nominations for The Batchelor Prize 2020, sponsored by the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The deadline for nominations is Friday 31st May 2019.

The Prize of $25,000 is awarded every four years to a single scientist for outstanding research in fluid dynamics. The Prize recognises research which has been published during the ten-year period prior to the announcement of the award (i.e. during the period 2009-2018). The intention is that younger researchers should be as eligible for consideration as those who are more established, and that the work should be of great current interest (representing, for example, an emerging field of application of fluid mechanics or a significant breakthrough in an established branch of the subject).

The winner will be announced in late 2019 and he/she will get the opportunity to present their work at the next ICTAM conference in Milan in August 2020.

The nomination process is open to everyone, and nominations should be made via email to If you would like someone to be considered for the Batchelor Prize please nominate them using the procedure outlined below:

  • The nomination should include a brief curriculum vitae of the candidate nominated.
  • A list of his/her publications during the period 2009-2018 with up to 10 of particular distinction being marked by an asterisk (there is no requirement that the research was published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics).
  • A brief (one page) statement of the case for making the award.

Conditions concerning the award of the Batchelor Prize:

  • Self-nominations will NOT be accepted.
  • All nominations must be in English.
  • The decision of the Committee shall be final. Previous winners are not eligible.

Past winners of the Batchelor Prize:

2016 Raymond E. Goldstein
2012 Detlef Lohse
2008 Howard Stone