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Paper of the Year award
2017 JMR Paper of the Year: Nominations now open

The JMR Paper of the Year Award recognizes excellence in advancing materials knowledge through written scholarship.

The JMR Editorial Board welcomes nominations for the 2017 publication year—volume 32.


Papers published in JMR in the prior volume year can be nominated. Note: Papers published by current members of the JMR Editorial Board, members of the MRS Board of Directors and recipients of the JMR Paper of the Year Award within the past 10 years are not eligible.


Nominations are due to the Editor-in-Chief at by 5 p.m. (ET) on January 19, 2018. Download the Form

A panel comprised of the JMR Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors will select the Paper of the Year.

The award will be announced with a plaque to the author(s) at the MRS Spring Meeting awards ceremony and the winning paper will be made freely accessible on the Cambridge Journals Online platform. The lead author(s) will be featured in relevant MRS events and promotions, which may include the MRS publications

Nomination Requirements

The following is required for nomination:

  1. Completed Nomination Form. The nomination should include the name of the nominator(s), JMR issue date, paper title and authors, and a couple of sentences identifying the nominator.
  2. Proposed citation (<40 words). Summarize the advances in materials research upon which the nomination is based, avoiding flowery descriptors.
  3. A statement, 250 words or less, by the nominator specifically addressing how the paper advances and impacts the field of materials science.

No self-nominations are permitted.