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Continues Phonology Yearbook (1984 - 1987)
Title history
  • ISSN: 0952-6757 (Print), 1469-8188 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Daniel Currie Hall Saint Mary’s University, Canada, Professor Ellen M. Kaisse University of Washington, USA, and Professor Yoonjung Kang University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada
  • Editorial board
Phonology is concerned with all aspects of phonology and related disciplines. The journal is published quarterly, and carries research articles, as well as book reviews and shorter pieces on topics of current interest within phonology. Preference is given to papers which make a substantial theoretical contribution, irrespective of the particular theoretical framework employed, but the submission of papers presenting novel empirical data that expand our understanding of phonological phenomena is also encouraged. From time to time, one of the issues is devoted to a particular theme. The editors encourage the submission of papers on proposed themes as well as on other topics relevant to the interests of Phonology. In addition, they welcome suggestions for future themes, as well as offers to act as guest editor for particular themes. The language of publication is English.


Supplementary Material

Many articles in Phonology include Supplementary Material, such as sound files, appendices and other data. Please note that while older URL links in article PDFs may no longer connect, materials are still available to access online via the article web page. Simply search the article title or DOI using the central Phonology search bar. Supplementary Material is located in a separate tab above the article title.