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Instructions for authors

Authors are encouraged to submit their papers electronically via the online submission system at, if possible suggesting an appropriate Subject Editor from this page.

The submission of a paper implies the author's assurance that it has not been copyrighted, published, or submitted for publication elsewhere.
Each manuscript should contain a short abstract of no more than 200 words and also a primary classification number from the American Mathematical Society's 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme. The style and arrangement of the paper should conform to current practice in the Proceedings.

A LaTeX class file can be found here (zip file download). 
Once an article has reached its final form and is accepted for publication, authors will be asked to supply a TeX/LaTeX file for the paper. This should be a single file, with any relevant macros included in the preamble. Figures in PostScript form are also welcome, and should be submitted at the same time as the TeX file for the paper (in zipped format if appropriate).
When a paper has been accepted for publication, the corresponding author will be able to choose to publish the paper under a regular publication agreement (Green Open Access compliant) or under a fully Gold Open Access agreement. When an article is accepted, its authors are free to post their version of the Accepted Manuscript on a personal web page, departmental web page, institutional repository or non-commercial/subject repository no less than 6 months after the publication date. As such, Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society is compliant with the Open Access mandates of the vast majority of academic institutions and funding sources. For more information on our Green Open Access policy see here.
If authors choose to publish a paper under a fully Gold Open Access agreement, they will be asked to sign the Open Access form which licences the Edinburgh Mathematical Society to the exclusive right to publish the contribution in PEMS under a creative commons licence. Upon payment of a one-off Article Processing Charge of £1870/US$2980, the final published Version of Record shall be made freely available to all in perpetuity, and will be published under a CCBY (default), CC-BY-NC-SA or CC-BY-NC-ND agreement under the author’s choosing. For more details, please see our hybrid Open Access FAQs.
One proof is supplied, which should be corrected and returned promptly. Excessive corrections may be charged to authors. Authors will receive a pdf of the final article. 


The policy of The Proceedings of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society is that authors (or in some cases their employers) retain copyright and grant The Edinburgh Mathematical Society a licence to publish their work. In the case of gold open access articles this is a non-exclusive licence. Authors must complete and return an author publishing agreement form as soon as their article has been accepted for publication; the journal is unable to publish the article without this. Please download the appropriate publishing agreement here.

Cambridge Language Editing Service

We suggest that authors whose first language is not English have their manuscripts checked by a native English speaker before submission. This is optional but will help to ensure that any submissions that reach peer review can be judged exclusively on academic merit. We offer a Cambridge service which you can find out more about here, and suggest that authors make contact as appropriate. Please note that use of language editing services is voluntary and at the author’s own expense. Use of these services does not guarantee that the manuscript will be accepted for publication nor does it restrict the author to submitting to a Cambridge-published journal.