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Continues Urban History Yearbook (1974 - 1991)
Title history
  • ISSN: 0963-9268 (Print), 1469-8706 (Online)
  • Editors: Professor Shane Ewen Leeds Beckett University, UK, Professor Rosemary Sweet University of Leicester, UK, and Professor Rosemary Wakeman Fordham University, USA
  • Editorial board
Urban History occupies a central place in historical scholarship, with an outstanding record of interdisciplinary contributions, and a broad-based and distinguished panel of referees and international advisors. Each issue features wide-ranging research articles covering social, economic, political and cultural aspects of the history of towns and Cities. Urban History is leading the way in academic publishing with its multimedia companions. The companions are refereed and fully linked and provide real depth to research. Online subscribers also gain access to Urban History’s comprehensive online bibliography, which contains 34,000 searchable items including books, articles and edited collections.

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