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Early China
  • ISSN: 0362-5028 (Print), 2325-2324 (Online)
  • Editor: Sarah Allan Dartmouth College, USA
  • Editorial board
Published with the Society for the Study of Early China
Early China publishes original research on all aspects of the culture and civilization of China from earliest times through the Han dynasty period (CE 220). The journal is interdisciplinary in scope, including articles on Chinese archaeology, history, philosophy, religion, literature, and paleography. It is the only English-language journal to publish solely on early China, and to include information on all relevant publications in all languages. The journal is of interest to scholars of archaeology and of other ancient cultures as well as sinologists.

Note to Subscribers:

The article by Yang and Brown as originally published in the latest issue of the journal was accidentally missing the translation section, and included only the Introduction.  The complete article, including both sections was first published online as an individual, complete article but on placing it in the issue the translation part was excluded.  The entire issue has now been updated and will be reprinted to include the complete article, and thus the pagination for this article and those following it has changed. All print subscribers should expect to receive corrected copies of Vol. 40.