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Open access charges
Paleobiology to waive Article Processing Charge

Paleobiology is a hybrid open access (OA) journal published on behalf of the Paleontological Society (PS). The journal will be waiving the Article Processing Charge (APC), normally $1,000 for PS members and $2,000 for non-members, for a select number of high-quality and high profile articles, chosen by the Editorial Board.

Publishing an OA article in Paleobiology allows your article to be freely accessible to all readership upon publication, potentially introducing your work to new researchers and increasing citations.

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Enjoy OA Articles from Paleobiology

Phanerozoic diversity and neutral theory by Steven M. Holland and Judith A. Sclafani

The Paleobiology Database application programming interface by Shanan E. Peters and Michael McClennen

A quantitative comparison of dispersed spore/pollen and plant megafossil assemblages from a Middle Jurassic plant bed from Yorkshire, UK by Sam M. Slater and Charles H. Wellman

The Proterozoic Record of Eukaryotes by Phoebe A. Cohen and Francis A. Macdonald

Body-size trends of the extinct giant shark Carcharocles megalodon: a deep-time perspective on marine apex predators by Catalina Pimiento and Meghan A. Balk

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