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  • Editors: James Owen Weatherall , Holly Andersen , Kenny Easwaran , Kevin Elliott , Doreen Fraser , Marta Halina , Kareem Khalifa , Alan C. Love , Angela Potochnik , Hannah Rubin , Charlotte Werndl , Jeffrey Barrett , Cailin O’Connor , Chris Smeenk , P. Kyle Stanford , and Kevin Zollman
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Since its inception in 1934, Philosophy of Science, along with its sponsoring society, the Philosophy of Science Association, has been dedicated to the furthering of studies and free discussion from diverse standpoints in the philosophy of science. The journal contains essays, discussion articles, and book reviews.

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  • Kant’s Ethics in Historical Context
  • 27 March 2024, Michael Walschots
  • The eighteenth-century German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) became a towering figure in the history of Western philosophy because his thinking was revolutionary The post Kant’s Ethics in Historical Context first appeared on Fifteen Eighty Four | Cambridge University Press....