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> A Student's Guide to the Ising Model

A Student's Guide to the Ising Model


James S. Walker, Washington State University (emeritus)


The Ising model provides a detailed mathematical description of ferromagnetism and is widely used in statistical physics and condensed matter physics. In this Student's Guide, the author demystifies the mathematical framework of the Ising model and provides students with a clear understanding of both its physical significance, and how to apply it successfully in their calculations. Key topics related to the Ising model are covered, including exact solutions of both finite and infinite systems, series expansions about high and low…

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Key features

  • Brings together content on an important topic that is otherwise scattered across various graduate texts and research papers
  • Introduces students to the Nobel-prize winning techniques of the renormalization group
  • Explores features of the Ising model that illustrate the deep connections between thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

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