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> An Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology

An Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology


Bruce Yardley, University of Leeds, Clare Warren, The Open University, Milton Keynes


This second edition is fully updated to include new developments in the study of metamorphism as well as enhanced features to facilitate course teaching. It integrates a systematic account of the mineralogical changes accompanying metamorphism of the major rock types with discussion of the conditions and settings in which they formed. The use of textures to understand metamorphic history and links to rock deformation are also explored. Specific chapters are devoted to rates and timescales of metamorphism and to the…

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Key features

  • A comprehensively updated and rewritten edition of this classic textbook
  • Provides a simple but comprehensive guide to metamorphic petrology, suitable for a one semester course
  • Includes many student-friendly features including full colour illustrations and numerous exercises

About the book

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