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> Australian Uniform Evidence Law

Australian Uniform Evidence Law

Fiona Hum, Monash University, Victoria, Bronwen Jackman, University of New England, Australia, Ottavio Quirico, University of New England, Australia, Gregor Urbas, Australian National University, Canberra, Kip Werren, University of New England, Australia
Australian Uniform Evidence Law offers a practical, clear and student-friendly introduction to the law of evidence and its operation across Uniform Evidence Act jurisdictions. Using a logical structure, with the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth) as its point of reference, this text introduces basic concepts before leading into more detailed coverage of the Act. Curated cases and excerpts from the legislation, with clear summaries and explanations of the rules, help students understand the application of the Act. Practice problems at the…
pp i-iv
pp v-xiv
pp xv-xvi
Table of cases
pp xvii-xxxii
Table of statutes
pp xxxiii-xliii
pp xliv-xlvi
1 - Introduction
pp 1-22
2 - Adducing evidence
pp 23-89
3 - Relevance
pp 90-115
4 - Hearsay
pp 116-180
5 - Opinion
pp 181-203
6 - Admissions
pp 204-258
7 - Tendency and coincidence
pp 259-331
8 - Credibility
pp 332-360
9 - Character
pp 361-386
10 - Identification evidence
pp 387-410
11 - Privileges
pp 411-479
12 - Discretionary and mandatory exclusions
pp 480-528
13 - Facilitation of proof and ancillary matters
pp 529-540
14 - Putting it all together
pp 541-545
Suggested answers to practice problems
pp 546-559
pp 560-566
Australian Uniform Evidence Law
1st edition
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Online ISBN: 9781108552899
Published online: 12 April 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781108450010
Paperback publication date: 16 May 2019