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> Dental Anthropology

Dental Anthropology


Simon Hillson, University College London
Published 2023


Accessible and engaging, this is the definitive textbook on using teeth to study the demography and ways of life in ancient human communities. Based on extensive laboratory and field experience, this new edition combines archaeological approaches with new technologies and methodologies, covering the key advances in anatomy, forensics, 3D imaging, stable isotopes, and proteomics. Hillson provides a biological context for teeth, a guide on key skills, an introduction to current debates, and advice for the excavation, conservation and recording of…

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Key features

  • Combines the biological background to variation in tooth form with methods for measuring it and an introduction to its place in debates about human origins
  • Critically reviews dental methods for estimating age-at-death and provides tools for using them
  • Scale drawings and text prepare students for practical classes or participation in a field project, with special sections on common confusions
  • Provides support for instructors – in areas where they do not have specialist dental knowledge – by offering a starting point for in-class discussions and background reading for practicals
  • Does not assume more than a basic knowledge of biology and explains dental-specific technicalities within the text, as well as featuring a curated glossary and appendices

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