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> Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia

Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia

Louise Floyd, James Cook University, North Queensland, William Steenson, University of Technology Sydney, Amanda Coulthard, Bond University, Queensland, Daniel Williams, Minter Ellison, Anne C. Pickering, University of Queensland
Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia provides a comprehensive, current and accessible resource for the undergraduate and Juris Doctor student. With a social and political background to the law, this text provides insightful legal analysis underscored by practical business experience, while exploring key principles through a close evaluation of laws and lively discussion of prominent cases. Recognising the multi-faceted nature of the subject, the authors have included content on employment, labour and industrial law in the one text, while…
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By Hon Justice Glenn Martin, Supreme Court of Queensland
pp ix-xx
Table of cases
pp xxi-xxxviii
Table of statutes
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Table of international instruments
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About the authors
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By Louise Floyd, James Cook University, North Queensland
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Chapter 1 - Settling the contract: essentials of formation and characterisation
pp 1-36
Chapter 2 - The employment contract: implied terms
pp 37-70
Chapter 3 - Introduction to the Fair Work Act
pp 71-96
Chapter 4 - Bargaining, awards and the National Employment Standards
pp 97-150
Chapter 5 - Trade union law and regulation – unions and industrial action
pp 151-210
Chapter 6 - The end of the employment relationship
pp 211-266
Chapter 7 - Public work
pp 267-327
Chapter 8 - Specialist legislation
pp 328-391
Chapter 9 - Emerging issues and new frontiers
pp 392-424
pp 425-433
Employment, Labour and Industrial Law in Australia
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Online ISBN: 9781316780091
Published online: 06 August 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781316622995
Paperback publication date: 07 December 2017