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> Essential Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

Essential Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists

Thomas J. Pence, Michigan State University, Indrek S. Wichman, Michigan State University
This text is geared toward students who have an undergraduate degree or extensive coursework in engineering or the physical sciences and who wish to develop their understanding of the essential topics of applied mathematics. The methods covered in the chapters form the core of analysis in engineering and the physical sciences. Readers will learn the solutions, techniques, and approaches that they will use as academic researchers or industrial R&D specialists. For example, they will be able to understand the fundamentals…
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About the Authors
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Part I - Linear Algebra
pp 1-2
1 - Linear Algebra and Finite-Dimensional Vector Spaces
pp 3-51
2 - Linear Transformations
pp 52-91
3 - Application to Systems of Equations
pp 92-127
4 - The Spectrum of Eigenvalues
pp 128-188
Part II - Complex Variables
pp 189-190
5 - Complex Variables: Basic Concepts
pp 191-234
6 - Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable
pp 235-301
7 - The Cauchy Integral Theorems
pp 302-358
8 - Series Expansions and Contour Integration
pp 359-434
Part III - Partial Differential Equations
pp 435-436
9 - Linear Partial Differential Equations
pp 437-494
10 - Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
pp 495-565
11 - Green’s Functions for Ordinary Differential Equations
pp 566-609
12 - Poisson’s Equation and Green’s Functions
pp 610-665
13 - Combined Green’s Function and Eigenfunction Methods
pp 666-728
pp 729-731
pp 732-736
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Online ISBN: 9781108671354
Published online: 30 April 2020
Hardback ISBN: 9781108425445
Hardback publication date: 21 May 2020