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> The Family in Law

The Family in Law

Archana Parashar, Macquarie University, Sydney, Francesca Dominello, Macquarie University, Sydney
The Family in Law provides a jurisprudential analysis of current family law, connecting doctrinal discourse with sociological, historical and economic analyses of the institution of family. The law's focus on the nuclear family as the default model is central to the book's discourse, which contains in-depth discussions of the key areas of family law - marriage, divorce, children and property matters. Written for Australian legal actors - whether students, academics or professionals - readers are encouraged to question current frameworks,…
pp i-iv
pp v-v
pp vi-vi
pp vii-ix
Table of cases
pp x-xviii
Table of statutes
pp xix-xxxii
Chapter 1 - Studying family law
pp 1-30
Chapter 2 - Family law and its institutions
pp 31-67
Chapter 3 - Marriage and marriage-like relationships
pp 68-109
Chapter 4 - Divorce and violence in family law
pp 110-149
Chapter 5 - Financial relations
pp 150-189
Chapter 6 - Spousal maintenance
pp 190-225
Chapter 7 - Private ordering of financial relations
pp 226-250
Chapter 8 - Children in family law: child-related disputes under the Family Law Act
pp 251-292
Chapter 9 - Children in court proceedings
pp 293-332
Chapter 10 - Child maintenance and support and the wider social context of Australian family law
pp 333-371
Chapter 11 - Family regulation: abortion and child protection
pp 372-404
Chapter 12 - Children and family formation: adoption and reproductive technologies
pp 405-434
pp 435-444
The Family in Law
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Online ISBN: 9781316407639
Published online: 21 June 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781107561793
Paperback publication date: 25 May 2017