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> A First Course in Network Science

A First Course in Network Science

Filippo Menczer, Indiana University, Bloomington, Santo Fortunato, Indiana University, Bloomington, Clayton A. Davis, Indiana University, Bloomington


Networks are everywhere: networks of friends, transportation networks and the Web. Neurons in our brains and proteins within our bodies form networks that determine our intelligence and survival. This modern, accessible textbook introduces the basics of network science for a wide range of job sectors from management to marketing, from biology to engineering, and from neuroscience to the social sciences. Students will develop important, practical skills and learn to write code for using networks in their areas of interest -…

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Key features

  • Specifically designed for introductory-level undergraduate courses in disciplines that use networks, such as business, communications, cognitive science, neuroscience, sociology, biology, and engineering, among others
  • Utilizes clear language with no technical jargon and extensive use of full color figures to illustrate key concepts
  • Allows students to immediately start writing Python code to manipulate, visualize, and analyze real-world networks
  • Includes an abundance of worked examples and homework problems to reinforce students' understanding of the material and an extensive suite of programming tutorials are hosted online to develop practical coding skills

About the book

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