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> A Guide to MATLAB®

A Guide to MATLAB®

For Beginners and Experienced Users

3rd edition (current edition)

Brian R. Hunt, University of Maryland, College Park, Ronald L. Lipsman, University of Maryland, College Park, Jonathan M. Rosenberg, University of Maryland, College Park
Now in its third edition, this outstanding textbook explains everything you need to get started using MATLAB®. It contains concise explanations of essential MATLAB commands, as well as easily understood instructions for using MATLAB's programming features, graphical capabilities, simulation models, and rich desktop interface. MATLAB 8 and its new user interface is treated extensively in the book. New features in this edition include: a complete treatment of MATLAB's publish feature; new material on MATLAB graphics, enabling the user to master…
pp i-iv
pp v-x
pp xi-xvi
1 - Getting Started
pp 1-6
2 - MATLAB Basics
pp 7-24
3 - Interacting with MATLAB
pp 25-40
Practice Set A - Algebra and Arithmetic
pp 41-42
4 - Beyond the Basics
pp 43-56
5 - MATLAB Graphics
pp 57-76
6 - MATLAB Programming
pp 77-94
7 - Publishing and M-Books
pp 95-104
Practice Set B - Math, Graphics, and Programming
pp 105-110
8 - MuPAD
pp 111-120
9 - Simulink
pp 121-132
10 - GUIs
pp 133-140
11 - Applications
pp 141-206
Practice Set C - Developing Your MATLAB Skills
pp 207-214
12 - Troubleshooting
pp 215-228
Solutions to the Practice Sets
pp 229-290
pp 291-306
pp 307-317
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3rd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781107338388
Published online: 28 May 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781107662223
Paperback publication date: 21 August 2014