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> The Hong Kong Legal System

The Hong Kong Legal System

2nd edition

Stefan H. C. Lo, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Kevin Kwok-yin Cheng, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Wing Hong Chui, City University of Hong Kong
This book provides an introduction to the legal system in Hong Kong. Understanding Hong Kong's legal system today requires both an understanding of the British origins of much of the laws and legal institutions as well as the uniquely Hong Kong developments in the application of the Basic Law under 'one country, two systems'. These features of the Hong Kong legal system are explored in this book, which takes into account developments in the two decades or so of the…
pp i-iv
pp v-v
pp vi-vi
pp vii-viii
Preface to the Second Edition
pp ix-x
pp xi-xi
Table of Cases
pp xii-xxiv
Table of Legislation
pp xxv-xxxii
1 - Introduction and Overview
pp 1-33
2 - Functions and Concepts of Law
pp 34-61
3 - Governance in Hong Kong
pp 62-89
4 - Sources of Law
pp 90-136
5 - The Court System and the Doctrine of Precedent
pp 137-182
6 - The Process of Legislation
pp 183-199
7 - Statutory Interpretation
pp 200-233
8 - Criminal Justice System
pp 234-263
9 - Civil Justice System
pp 264-286
10 - Alternative Methods of Resolving Disputes
pp 287-304
11 - Access to Justice
pp 305-328
12 - Finding and Citing Legal Materials
pp 329-365
13 - Interface between Hong Kong and International and Chinese Law
pp 366-391
pp 392-399
pp 400-414
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Online ISBN: 9781108634687
Published online: 21 December 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781108721820
Paperback publication date: 19 December 2019