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> Human Rights in International Relations

Human Rights in International Relations

4th edition (current edition)

David P. Forsythe, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
This fourth edition of David P. Forsythe's successful textbook provides an authoritative and timely analysis of the place of human rights in an age of upheaval in international politics. Human rights standards are examined at the global, regional and national levels, with separate chapters on transnational corporations and advocacy groups. Completely updated and revised, the fourth edition takes account of new sources and recent scholarship, as well as recent events, such as the Syrian war, the rise of ISIS, refugee…
pp i-iv
pp v-vi
Preface to the fourth edition
pp vii-viii
Preface to the third edition
pp ix-x
Part I - The foundations
pp 1-2
1 - Introduction: human rights in international relations
pp 3-39
2 - Establishing human rights standards
pp 40-74
Part II - Implementing human rights standards
pp 75-76
3 - Global application of human rights norms
pp 77-126
4 - Transitional justice: criminal courts and alternatives
pp 127-168
5 - Regional application of human rights norms
pp 169-213
6 - Human rights and foreign policy in comparative perspective
pp 214-255
7 - Non-governmental organizations and human rights
pp 256-294
8 - Transnational corporations and human rights
pp 295-335
9 - The communications media and human rights: traditional and social domains
pp 336-360
Part III - Conclusion
pp 361-362
10 - The politics of liberalism in a realist world
pp 363-410
pp 411-422
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4th edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781316874929
Published online: 06 August 2018
Hardback ISBN: 9781107183919
Hardback publication date: 31 August 2017
Paperback ISBN: 9781316635186
Paperback publication date: 31 August 2017