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> Intermediate Dynamics

Intermediate Dynamics

Coming soon in July 2022


Patrick Hamill, San José State University, California


This advanced undergraduate physics textbook presents an accessible treatment of classical mechanics using plain language and clear examples. While comprehensive, the book can be tailored to a one-semester course. An early introduction of the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms gives students an opportunity to utilize these important techniques in the easily visualized context of classical mechanics. The inclusion of 321 simple in-chapter exercises, 82 worked examples, 550 more challenging end-of-chapter problems, and 65 computational projects reinforce students' understanding of key physical…

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Key features

  • A comprehensive, modern treatment of the subject in clear, plain language that is accessible to students
  • Mathematical formalism is introduced as needed
  • Over 300 in-chapter exercises, 82 worked examples, 550 end of chapter problems, and 65 optional computational projects give instructors a wealth of material for assignments and student assessments
  • Lecture videos for each chapter offer students an additional learning opportunity

About the book