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> International Investment Law and Arbitration

International Investment Law and Arbitration

Commentary, Awards and other Materials

Chin Leng Lim, The University of Hong Kong, Jean Ho, National University of Singapore, Martins Paparinskis, University College London
What was once a contested body of principles applied peripherally to the international settlement of expropriation disputes has been transformed and in its place now stands an important area of international disputes practice. International Investment Law and Arbitration offers a comprehensive introduction to the subject. Presenting the facts of daily legal practice and the largely unaltered aims of the subject alongside a broad selection of key awards and original materials, historical developments are discussed in the context of the changing…
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By Emmanuel Gaillard, Global Head of International Arbitration, Shearman & Sterling LLP
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Table of Treaties, National Legislation, Cases and Awards
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List of Abbreviations
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1 - The Origins of Investment Protection and International Investment Law
pp 1-36
2 - Investment Contracts and Internationalisation
pp 37-56
3 - The Metamorphosis of Investment Treaties
pp 57-85
4 - Investment Dispute Settlement
pp 86-111
5 - Jurisdiction, Admissibility and Parallel Proceedings
pp 112-143
6 - Applicable Laws
pp 144-164
7 - Evidence
pp 165-180
8 - Provisional Measures
pp 181-209
9 - Protected Investments
pp 210-231
10 - Protected Investors
pp 232-257
11 - Fair and Equitable Treatment, and Full Protection and Security
pp 258-292
12 - Contingent Standards: National Treatment and Most-Favoured Nation Treatment
pp 293-322
13 - Expropriation
pp 323-348
14 - Umbrella Clauses
pp 349-373
15 - Defences
pp 374-400
16 - Remedies
pp 401-424
17 - Costs and Legal Fees
pp 425-446
18 - Challenging and Enforcing Awards, and the Question of Foreign State Immunities
pp 447-476
19 - New Directions in International Investment Law and Arbitration
pp 477-514
pp 515-536
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Online ISBN: 9781316847954
Published online: 17 August 2019
Hardback ISBN: 9781107180338
Hardback publication date: 26 April 2018
Paperback ISBN: 9781316632208
Paperback publication date: 26 April 2018