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> Introduction to Clinical Psychology

Introduction to Clinical Psychology

8th edition

Designed to provide a thorough survey of the field, Introduction to Clinical Psychology, eighth edition, is accessible to advanced undergraduates as well as graduate students. This text presents a scholarly portrayal of the history, content, professional functions, and the future of clinical psychology. Extensive use of case material and real-world applications illustrates each theoretical approach. After reading this book, students will better understand clinical psychology as a field of professional practice and scientific research, and will be better able to…
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By Geoffrey P. Kramer, Professor in the Psychology Department at West Shore Community College, USA., Douglas A. Bernstein, Professor Emeritus at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Courtesy Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida, USA., Vicky Phares, Professor and former Director of Clinical Training at the Department of Psychology at the University of South Florida, USA.
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Section I - Basic Concepts
Chapter 1 - What is Clinical Psychology?
pp 1-21
Chapter 2 - Clinical Psychology's Past and Present
pp 22-48
Section II - Assessment
Chapter 3 - Basic Features of Clinical Assessment
pp 49-81
Chapter 4 - Interviewing and Observation in Clinical Psychology
pp 82-115
Chapter 5 - Testing in Clinical Psychology
pp 116-150
Section III - Clinical Interventions
Chapter 6 - Basic Features of Clinical Interventions
pp 151-175
Chapter 7 - Psychodynamic and Humanistic Psychotherapies
pp 176-207
Chapter 8 - Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavior Psychotherapies
pp 208-235
Chapter 9 - Other Modes of Clinical Intervention
pp 236-262
Chapter 10 - Research on Clinical Intervention
pp 263-283
Section IV - Some Clinical Specialties
Chapter 11 - Clinical Child Psychology
pp 284-314
Chapter 12 - Health Psychology
pp 315-336
Chapter 13 - Clinical Neuropsychology
pp 337-358
Chapter 14 - Forensic Psychology
pp 359-381
Section V - The Future of Clinical Psychology
Chapter 15 - Professional Issues in Clinical Psychology
pp 382-414
Chapter 16 - Getting Into Graduate School in Clinical Psychology
pp 415-444
pp 445-492
Name Index
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Subject Index
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8th edition
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Online ISBN: 9781108593823
Published online: 15 August 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781108705141
Paperback publication date: 22 August 2019