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> Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology

Introduction to Coastal Processes and Geomorphology

2nd edition (current edition)

Robin Davidson-Arnott, University of Guelph, Ontario, Bernard Bauer, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Chris Houser, University of Windsor, Ontario
Written for anyone interested in coastal geomorphology, this is the complete guide to the processes at work on our coastlines and the resulting features seen in coastal systems across the world. Accessible to students from a range of disciplines, the quantitative approach of this book helps to build a solid understanding of wave and current processes that shape coastlines. From sandy beaches to coral reefs, the major coastal features are related to contemporary processes and to sea-level changes over the…
pp i-iv
Brief Contents
pp v-vi
pp vii-x
pp xi-xiv
pp xv-xvi
Part I - Introduction
pp 1-2
1 - Introduction
pp 3-8
2 - Coastal Geomorphology
pp 9-28
Part II - Coastal Processes
pp 29-30
3 - Sea Level
pp 31-74
4 - Wind-Generated Waves
pp 75-108
5 - Wave Dynamics
pp 109-156
6 - Surf Zone Circulation
pp 157-182
7 - Coastal Sediment Transport
pp 183-226
Part III - Coastal Systems
pp 227-228
8 - Beach and Nearshore Systems
pp 229-279
9 - Coastal Sand Dunes and Aeolian Processes
pp 280-342
10 - Barrier Systems
pp 343-394
11 - Saltmarshes and Mangroves
pp 395-443
12 - Coral Reefs and Atolls
pp 444-475
13 - Cliffed and Rocky Coasts
pp 476-516
pp 517-524
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2nd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781108546126
Published online: 12 October 2019
Hardback ISBN: 9781108424271
Hardback publication date: 19 September 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781108439862
Paperback publication date: 19 September 2019