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> Psychopathology


Understanding Psychological Disorders

Coming soon in December 2022


Kenneth Carter, Emory University, Atlanta


Carter's Psychopathology is an accessible, engaging, and well-organized text covering the study, understanding, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of psychological disorders. Fully integrating gender and culture in the presentation of mental disorders, and using a sensitive and inclusive language to encourage an empathic approach to psychopathology, this introductory textbook offers students a strong foundation of the socio-cultural factors influencing how we treat mental disorders. Featuring: boxes such as 'the power of words', promoting the use of respectful, empathic language, and 'the…

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Key features

  • Written in an accessible and engaging style to facilitate the understanding of the topics discussed
  • Fully integrates culture and gender into the discussion about mental disorders, with real-life examples and stories, and adopts a sensitive language, in line with the APA guidelines, to create an inclusive experience for the reader
  • Tackles the disorders in a consistent and structured way, capturing key details within DSM-5tr
  • Examines the relationship among biological, psychological, cultural, social, and hereditary factors in assessing and treating psychological disorders
  • Introduces DSM-5tr early in the text to provide students with a more complete framework for the disorders, the course, and the field of psychopathology
  • Includes pedagogical features throughout the chapters to support the students' learning experience and generate awareness about the disorders discussed

About the book

  • Subjects Applied Psychology,Psychology,Psychology: General Interest
  • Format: Paperback
    • Expected publication date: 31 December 2022
    • ISBN: 9781108437516
    • Dimensions (mm): 253 x 203 mm
    • Page extent: 650 pages
    • Availability: Not yet published - available from
  • Format: Digital
    • Expected publication date: 22 December 2022
    • ISBN: 9781108525985