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> To Measure the Sky

To Measure the Sky

An Introduction to Observational Astronomy

2nd edition (current edition)

Frederick R. Chromey, Vassar College, New York
The second edition of this popular text provides undergraduates with a quantitative yet accessible introduction to the physical principles underlying the collection and analysis of observational data in contemporary optical and infrared astronomy. The text clearly links recent developments in ground- and space-based telescopes, observatory and instrument design, adaptive optics, and detector technologies to the more modest telescopes and detectors that students may use themselves. Beginning with reviews of the most relevant physical concepts and an introduction to elementary statistics,…
pp i-iv
pp v-vi
pp vii-x
pp xi-xiv
1 - Light
pp 1-31
2 - Uncertainty
pp 32-58
3 - Place, time, and motion
pp 59-96
4 - Names, catalogs, and databases
pp 97-112
5 - Optics for astronomy
pp 113-149
6 - Astronomical telescopes
pp 150-192
7 - Matter and light
pp 193-231
8 - Detectors
pp 232-270
9 - Digital images from arrays
pp 271-315
10 - Photometry
pp 316-361
11 - Spectroscopy
pp 362-416
Appendix A - General reference data
pp 417-419
Appendix B - Light
pp 420-421
Appendix C - C1 The standard normal distribution
pp 422-424
Appendix D - D1 The nearest stars
pp 425-428
Appendix E - E1 The constellations
pp 429-434
Appendix F - F1 A timeline for optical telescopes
pp 435-439
Appendix G - G1 Websites
pp 440-442
Appendix H - H1 The hydrogen atom
pp 443-444
Appendix I - I1 Characteristics of some commercial CCDs for astronomy
pp 445-446
Appendix J - J1 The point-spread function
pp 447-447
Appendix K - K1 Intrinsic broadband colors for various spectral types
pp 448-450
pp 451-454
pp 455-461
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2nd edition (current edition)
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Online ISBN: 9781316424117
Published online: 05 February 2019
Paperback ISBN: 9781107572560
Paperback publication date: 20 October 2016