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> Urban Sociology

Urban Sociology

A Global Introduction

Mark Abrahamson, University of Connecticut, Storrs
This concise yet comprehensive overview of the political and economic development of the world's cities offers a unique emphasis on its cultural impacts. The book emphasizes the transition from modern (industrial) to post-modern (post-industrial) eras and its effect on established and developing global cities, and arguments are supported with case studies for each of the main concepts of urban theory and research. Mark Abrahamson analyzes contemporary global cities - ranging from Lagos to Los Angeles, Paris to Beijing - helping…
pp i-iv
pp v-x
pp xi-xii
1 - Introduction
pp 1-20
2 - Cities and city-regions in the world economy
pp 21-42
3 - Modern industrial cities
pp 43-68
4 - Postindustrial cities
pp 69-96
5 - Postmodern urban theory
pp 97-122
6 - Income inequality
pp 123-153
7 - Immigrants and enclaves
pp 154-184
8 - Global cities and global culture
pp 185-209
9 - Tourism and the experience economy
pp 210-234
10 - A political overview
pp 235-258
pp 259-264
Author index
pp 265-268
Subject index
pp 269-272
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Online ISBN: 9781139017923
Published online: 28 May 2018
Hardback ISBN: 9780521191500
Hardback publication date: 30 January 2014
Paperback ISBN: 9780521139236
Paperback publication date: 30 January 2014