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> Introduction to Electrodynamics

Introduction to Electrodynamics

Coming soon in November 2023


David J. Griffiths, Reed College, Oregon


In this new edition of the standard undergraduate textbook on electricity and magnetism, David Griffiths provides expanded discussions on topics such as the nature of field lines, the crystal ambiguity, eddy currents, and the Thomson kink model. Ideal for junior and senior undergraduate students from physics and electrical engineering, the book now includes many new examples and problems, including numerical applications (in Mathematica) to reflect the increasing importance of computational techniques in contemporary physics. Many figures have been redrawn, while…

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Key features

  • New edition of the leading undergraduate textbook on electromagnetism for students in physics and electrical engineering
  • Retains the widely lauded clarity of previous editions, demystifying difficult and subtle mathematical and physical concepts without sacrificing rigor
  • Author is renowned within the physics community for this textbook and Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition 2018)
  • Includes a selection of new problems (and several applied computational problems in Mathematica), worked examples, and updated references to recent research
  • Many figures have been revised or redrawn to provide enhanced pedagogical clarity

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