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Cambridge courseware for Instructors

Boost student success with a complete course solution that empowers every learner. Interactive content and just-in-time support help you to increase engagement and improve course outcomes.  

Explore our flexible, ready-made courseware or partner with us to build custom courses tailored to your institution. 

What is Cambridge courseware?

Cambridge courseware is a digital course solution built for personalised learning, ideal for instructor-led courses taught online or on campus. Including all the instructional materials, homework, video, interactive exercises and formative assessments you need for each course, our adaptive courseware lets you minimise the cost of student course materials, ease your workload and make the most of your class time.

Instead of taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, Cambridge courseware provides support based on each student's needs. Along the way, learners get multiple chances to practice, test their knowledge and rate their understanding.

Take a self-guided tour to explore how Cambridge courseware can help your students better prepare for class and achieve learning outcomes.

If you're looking to redesign your course or create a new one, learn about partnering with Cambridge . We can work with you to develop one or more engaging courses built around your institution's goals.

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Product benefits

Our affordable courseware helps you to: 

Custom course creation

We make it easy to develop a digital course solution fit for your curriculum. 

Ready to get started or want to find out more?

APA PsycLearn

APA PsycLearn® is a complete, all-digital course solution developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) to help students better achieve learning outcomes in psychology. Informed by the latest findings in learning science research and built with Cambridge’s dedicated technology, PsycLearn keeps student immersion and personalised learning at its core.

Explore PsycLearn to see how a digital textbook alternative using applied cognitive science and evidence-based learning strategies can make a difference for you and your students.

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